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In order to increase opportunities in higher education for health care professionals for low income Hispanic students, the UCC proposes to improve its student outcomes by a Title V project with five components. The proposed project is centered goal of strengthening the teaching and learning environment through technology, focusing in:

  • Renovate a portion of the Learning and Information Resources Center (LIRC) to create a technology-rich high-tech Educational Center.
  • Develop a clinical Skills Simulations Laboratory to provide technology-based clinical experiences in learning for safe, high-quality, patient-centered care.
  • Provide faculty training in using educational technology, assessing teaching and learning outcomes through classroom research, developing effective testing strategies, creating more effective curricula and pedagogy using student-centered models, and support for faculty developing technology-based learning objects to complement classroom learning activities.
  • Create a peer mentoring program through academic and non-academic support strategies, assisting students at various levels adapt to a challenging academic environment and succeeding.
  • Raise $50,000 in endowment challenge grant funds during the project for a $100,000 addition to UCC’s endowment primarily to improve our ability to provide scholarships to deserving low-income students.

To view proposal, please select the following link:   Title V-A Proposal

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